Three months ago I started a new job with a huge jump in responsibilities. I went from a comfortable Programmer and Occasional Scrum Master, to a panic-inducing Architect, Team Lead, and Manager. These are roles I’ve wanted for a while, so I’m happy to be here, but it’s a weird new world for me.

  • I have a few things going for me: My boss believes in me, I’m working with a great devops guy, and my last job showed me what a sane development process looks like.
  • I have a few things going against me: The company is just coming out of the chaos of a buy out and reorg, and my wholesale lack of experience.

I was given a small project to manage, Satellite. It should take less than six months, with a team of four developers, one QA, and two UI/UX people. Unfortunately I only get them part time.

I’m going to use this blog to write about this project. In six months I expect Satellite to land somewhere in-between stunning success and worlds-most-hilarious-post-mortem.