These rules didn’t used to exist, because they didn’t need to exist, because web design used to not go out of it’s way to kneecap the basic functionality of a person using a website.

But here we are.

So here are the new rules of web design for the hell that exists.

If I type, it should type what I type.

Do not slow down my typing because you want to present a live search. I type 60 words/minute, except when I’m typing in a live search box, and then I’m down to 60 characters/minute plus a bit of hatred because a website wants to slowly update the live search after every character.

If I click, it should click what I click.

Do not redraw the screen beneath neath my cursor in-between the beginning of the click and the end of the click. I don’t know how this even happens. I’ve already started clicking on a result on your live search, it shouldn’t be updating as my click happens.

If I select text, it should select what I select

Do not disable text selection because you are afraid of your content being stolen. If I wanted to steal your content I would disable javascript, or I would build a web scraper that you couldn’t stop if you wanted to. I’m selecting text because I want to share it or look it up. Both of those are good for your engagement.