The Post-CAP Reading List

12th Dec, 2017

Eric Brewer and Daniel Abadi expand our notions of what the real trade-offs are in the CAP theorem.

The 7000 page Harry Potter book that never was

12th Dec, 2017

An scientist's idea of literary criticism is different from most people's. It involves math.

GUI: Taking Lessons from Hand-Drawn Animation

21st Mar, 2017

Chuck Jones inspires UI designers in this classic paper from Ungar and Change.

Early example of Duck Typing in 1991's SELF

21st Mar, 2017

In 1991 Ungar and Smith wrote about the experimental programming language SELF, and in it described duck typing, callng it behaviorism

One-liner to analyze Python programs

10th Aug, 2016

The great benefit of knowing the command-line is being able to write scripts to analyze scripts, all in ~1 minute.

One Parent CSS

2nd Aug, 2016

How I write CSS.