How to save the password file as the Message Of The Day

31st Jul, 2020

When Fernando Corbató accepted the Turning Award for, among other things, inventing the computer password, he described my new favorite bug.

History and lessons of Algol 68

11th Jul, 2019

Algol 68 is the Cronus of programming languages. Cronus is the titan who fathered Zeus, an important character in the myth, but vastly overshadowed by his own progeny. Algol 68 was an important language, and had a fascinating history. This post is a combination history, lesson, and filled with quotes from people who were there.

Peopleware Bibilography

13th Jun, 2019

Timothy Lister and Tom DeMarco didn't include a bibliography in Peopleware, so I swept through the book and produced one for curious readers.

Scattered notes on Peopleware by Tim Lister and Tom DeMarco

12th Jun, 2019

I just finished reading that old software classic, Peopleware. The first chapter is "Somewhere Today, a Project Is Failing," and hooked me immediately.

North East Database Day

19th Feb, 2019

NEDD is a one day conference in Cambridge. It's an inexpensive way to learn about the cutting edge of database research. These are my notes on each speaker.

Reading: The Best of Software Writing by Joel Spolsky

19th Nov, 2018

Joel Spolsky's writing and opinions are evergreen, and his 2004 book The Best of Software Writing shows it.