Microsoft WinWord Post-Mortem

27th Jan, 2020

In 1984 Microsoft decided to port MacWord to Windows. They expected it would take about one year. It did not. It took five. In one of the many, many great documents unearthed by the Comes v. Microsoft antitrust lawsuit is this great postmortem of what went wrong.

The Biggest Post-Mortem

10th Jul, 2019

When there are failures at a small level, like a deployment goes wrong, there's a meeting, and a blameless post-mortem written is shared publicly. Normally this happens quickly, while everyone's memories are still fresh. When entires projects and movements fail, the opposite happens. There are no public post-mortems, and no meetings. A couple people leave the company, some blame is privately assigned, and the rumor mill goes into overdrive. At this level, a failure can mean a derailed career.

Product Management - Week 2 - Goals and Metrics

3rd Apr, 2019

Here are my notes for week 2 of my product management education. This week is all about metrics, goals, and strategy, with a dive into Pirate and Heart metrics,

Product Management - Week 1 - What is it?

19th Mar, 2019

I've started an online Product Management class because, I dunno, I like learning new, non-coding things related to my job. I'll be posting all my notes here.

Bad communication can be a win-win scenario

21st Feb, 2019

In the aftermath of GE's price fixing scandal, we learned that GE executives had a culture of winking while they told subordinates not to break the law. Sometimes. Each salesperson had to interpret the word and the wink, and the occasional lack thereof, according to their own internal rules. Effective communication was, effectively, absent.

Witness The Most Productive Team in Cinema

11th Dec, 2018

There is one scene that gets referenced several times in Rapid Development by Steve McConnell as an example of a hugely productive team.

Just delete those failing tests

17th Jul, 2018

If you're responsible for a large, legacy code base, here's my hint to you: delete your failing tests.