Why trying to make accidents rarer can actually make them more common

18th Oct, 2018

excerpt from How Complex Systems Fail

Notes on Site Reliability Engineering, by Google

18th Oct, 2018

For my own reference, here are notes I took while reading Google's book on SRE.

Using Moose's "before" method modifier to modify parameters

12th Jul, 2018

A small trick to make "before" a bit more powerful, a bit more useful, and a bit more dangerous.

One-liner to analyze Python programs

10th Aug, 2016

The great benefit of knowing the command-line is being able to write scripts to analyze scripts, all in ~1 minute.

Catches for traditional programmers when learning Python

26th Jul, 2016

After a lifetime of programming and compsci education, I've had some issues learning with Python. It screws me up in small ways. It's a wonderful language, but dear god I wish these things were different.

It's easy to dismiss the GoF Design Patterns

21st Jul, 2016

The problem of learning Object Oriented Design

19th Jul, 2016

The greatest problem in learning object oriented design is in the toy problems. The object oriented solution never looks better than the regular solution.

How to write a program, the wrong way

13th Jul, 2016

Learn the right way to write a program the wrong way

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that...

30th Jun, 2016