New Rules of Web Design for The Worst Age of Web Design

15th Dec, 2021

These rules didn't used to exist, because they didn't need to exist, because web design used to not go out of it's way to kneecap the basic functionality of a person using a website. But here we are. So here are the new rules of web design for the hell that exists.

This blog is temporarily broken.

15th Dec, 2021

This blog now has diagrams!

10th Dec, 2019

I've always wanted to be able to put simple diagrams in this blog without going through the trouble of graphically creating them in LucidChart or Balsamiq. I just want to type in text, and have it convert to a chart.

Reading Martin Fowler's Recommended Reading on Microservices

31st Oct, 2018

One Parent CSS

2nd Aug, 2016

How I write CSS.

HTML5 Semantic Markup is for HTML, not CSS

27th Jul, 2016

I hand crafted the CSS for site. It's still a work in progress. I learned that while semantic tags are good for HTML, they're not that great for CSS.

font-feature-settings should not be used in code blocks

20th Jul, 2016